Alexandru Costin

Photographer & Filmmaker

"Romanian photographer and artist Alexandru Costin's work is a stunning visual testimony to a lifestyle where harmony prevails between the unity of the human being and the environment. His time spent in the countryside near Bucharest during childhood, a love of skateboarding and some early experiences traveling the world taught him to be sensitive and appreciate the uniqueness of each place according to the time of day, light and energy. It is for this reason that his body of work focuses not only on the detail of a single action, but the greatness of an instant where all the elements merge into a perfect visual story."

I let myself inspired by city walks, skate sessions with friends, trips all over the world and
all the exciting people around me. The more I travel, the more I feel a citizen of the world.
By sharing my images with you, I wish that you will be inspired by my vision.
I am open to any kind of creative and travel projects, currently living between Barcelona and Bucharest and available for worldwide travel,
so don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Globe Brand
River Island