Van Life
Sunday, 15th May 2016

Van Life

“What do you do tomorrow? Nothing, just working.” And it would have been just another day which Alex knew how it would end, before it even started. “Let’s do a roadtrip, you choose wherever you want to go and for how long.” and the next morning two guys and an old VW were leaving Barcelona with no plan, no expectations and a lot of mixed feelings. 

Too often we delay ourselves the dreams we’ve been wishing for, too often we spend more time on planning our desires than on experiencing them and we almost never offer ourselves the chance to let go our beliefs and surrender to the fascination of the unknown. For in the leap of faith of throwing yourself into “Let’s see how life surprises me today!” lay the answers to one’s most burning questions.

We learned how letting the road to be our guide led us to unexpected places, breathtaking scenery or risky situations. No one day looked like the next one. We kicked lines in a skate park that just appeared out of nowhere in a small village, we found and abandoned 1000 years old castle empty of tourists, we lunched every day with jaw-dropping views of ocean waves or snow-covered peaks. Hundreds of kilometers together made us share life stories, laugh or feel sorrow about some choices we made. And every sunrise that woke us up and every turn the VW took, changed us in a way we only understood when the trip finished; and at that point we discovered once again that it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the road. 

It was late in the night when two friends in an old VW returned to Barcelona from a trip they never thought to make. This is their story, as seen through the dusty windows. For the uncut version, live your own story  !

It does not matter how long you live, what it matters is how you live. Don't ask for security, ask for adventures!

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