Chase The Dream: Barcelona
Monday, 15th August 2016

Chase the dream is a project about surprising moments, discovering places and finding pasionate people who inspire by living their dreams and doing what they feel.
I chose to start the project with this mix of moments I have from Barcelona because is the city where I got to know myself better and got me started into photography/filmmaking wich helped me a lot to express more of what i have inside.
Since I've been living in Barcelona I got very inspired while skate cruising around the city at sunrise and sunset which are my favorite moments of the day, I feel like the empty city it’s just for me, it gives me a feeling of calm and freedom. The light and energy are very special and the sky looks almost unreal most of the times, so 2 years ago I’ve decided to use a camera and try to freeze the nice moments so they can last more and share them with others, since then i always carry a camera with me.
In this fast world where everything lasts for one scroll and it's gone, I guess my dream is to capture the amazing moments that are gone forever as you blink, and show to the people what they don’t see anymore while rushing to work and missing the important parts of the day when I think it’s healthy and natural to be outside of the office.
Special thanks to everybody for the nice moments we shared, family and friends, Liviu and Diana for existing and being there, the Sun for giving me another try every morning and all who believe in me and are digging my work.
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Music: Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire
Artwork: Andrei Robu

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